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Not just a dealer!

We are proud to have our own small collection of Lotus cars which are used as regularly as possible and enjoyed for various activities/shows/trackdays etc. Here is a little bit of information about them – the story of how they were bought and what we have done with them:


Well kicking off with a very special car here we have our Sport 190 S2 Elise. A 2002 car with 8000 miles at the time of purchase (now around 9500) This was a Lotus Motorsport produced special with on 33 produced of which this car is number 4.  Purchased from a gentleman in Surrey in late 2019. It has an interesting history having been bought initially by Bobby Bell from Bell & Colvill. On the original bill of sale present with the car it was ordered as a “track demonstrator”. In addition to use as a corporate treat to B&C customers to take them around track it was also campaigned as a race car in the first year or so of its life.  Here we see who we assume is Mr Bell driving the car at Brands Hatch:


The Sport 190 was a highly customiseable car. Based on the standard Sport Tourer K series cars the production cars were plucked from the main line and taken to the Lotus Motorsport department where a “VHPD or Very High Performance Derivative” Engine was fitted complete with throttle bodies. Also standard was a set of OZ Sports alloys. Number 4 was further customised with a Fire extinguisher system – 4 Pot brakes – Petty bar – Dynamics race dampers – Motorsport clutch and Exige S1 seats.


As you can see the appearance of the car has changed slightly with us having carried out the following works:

Repaint wheels to black – Fit Quaife LSD – Fit remote Thermostat – Retrim interior with S2 Probax Motorsport seats – Full suspension refresh – Fit Ohlins dampers




A superb car completely different to most cars we have through the business and sounds incredible at 8000 RPM with the throttle bodies singing!

Production numbers – 33

Kerb Weight – 820kg


Next up is the most regularly used road car we have this superb 2008 260 Cup Exige S


The Exige 260 Cup was another Lotus Motorsport car this being build 37

Another highly customisable car from the factory main features were power upgrade to 260BHP – Full length roof scoop – Torsen LSD – Variable sip traction control/launch control – 4 pot brakes with 2 piece front discs – Choice of adjustable dampers from either Bilstein or Ohlins – Paddle Clutch. In addition this car was supplied with fire extinguisher sytem and electrical cutoffs.

Purchased from one of our customers with just under 20000 miles on the clock in November of 2020

The car did look quite different as you can see here from an old picture taken at Rockingham Raceway it had a 2010 rear wing – red wheels and a side exit exhaust!



An old pic taken when the car was previously sold at the old Snow’s Lotus dealer



How the car looked on collection day

We set to work to return the car back to standard so sourced an original rear panel and wing and had them professionally painted and fitted. In addition the wheels were replaced with black 260 cup multispoke forged alloys and a new set of Ohlins were fitted replacing the original Bilstein dampers that were supplied with the car when it was new.  A new set of Nankang NS2-R tyres were fitted as well as the car is intended for mainly road use although we did recently do a trackday at the Lotus Hethel track!

A wonderful car to drive with road spec Ohlins and also the fitting of a 2bular Exhaust backbox its a really sweet and quick point to point car for the b roads!

Production numbers – 39

Kerb weight – 900KG





For track duties many people may have seen this one out and about at circuits around the UK and Spa (Nurburgring trip is pending!)

A Heavily modified 2.2 VX220 this 400BHP weapon has the following spec:

Forged engine

Harrop Supercharger

Simpson Race Exhaust

Quantum dampers

Compomotive lightweight wheels with Hankook Ventus competition tyres

Aero pack with larger front splitter – rear wing and side skirts

AIM dash

Water injection

Tillet seats

Traction control

4 Pot front brakes

Quaife LSD

An amazing track car very quick and wonderful to drive!

This car was purchased in 2018 as is and we haven’t done too much to it other than fitting of the quantum dampers and 4 pot front brakes plus the wrap! We have done various trackdays including Spa/Croft/Donnington etc.

Production numbers – 1200

Kerb weight – 850kg

Elise S1 Sport 160


The sport 160 is a bit of a jewel in the crown it has to be said with this car having recently been bought back from a customer. An outstanding example with just 13500 miles and in pristine condition.

Another Lotus motorsport car just 50 of these were produced of which this is chassis 12

Characterised by their very “cammy” modified K series engine the sport 160 has risen to become one of the most collectible modern Lotus cars. Part of the appeal of this particular model is that although a Lotus special edition is not an uncommon thing there are certain cars that the factory really modified way beyond the standard production cars of the time. The 160 had the following:

Modified inlet and exhaust ports

Higher compression ratio

High lift cams

Modified airbox

45mm exhaust

Motorsport Cat

Specific ratio gearbox (lower 5th)

In addition to a bespoke GEMS ECU the cars are known for their unique sound and offbeat tickover in addtion to a superb noise on full throttle!  They sit on Sports dampers which are height adjustable and lower than standard from the factory and then set off by the superb “victory” wheels.

This car is in it’s original colour of Scandal Green of which only 7 were made.

Previously sold by us 3 years ago but prior to that only one owner from 2008. A truly immaculate car!

Production numbers – 50

Kerb weight – 715kg


Elise Cup 250 Final edition


We were lucky enough to get an allocation slot for an Elise 250 Cup FE!

With Lotus making the long awaited announcement this year that production of the “111” based cars and Evora were to cease a final runout model for the Exige and Elise was announced. We actually had a deposit down for the car before it was released having seen it as a pretty important car in Lotus’s history.


Oone off colour of Porsche Viper Green with a few bits of Carbon added.

Additions for this car will include ceramic coat – Quaife LSD – Addition of Schroth harnesses and harness bar – addition of gearbox oil cooler

Kerb weight – 930kg

Production numbers – 42